My name is Peter Kenny.  I was called “P Joe” as a child in Ireland– Joseph was a very popular middle name, & you’d find many a John Joe, Pat Joe, etc.  Nobody calls me that anymore! (so don’t, please); but I chose PJoeNotes for this site, to remind myself not to take it all too seriously (Maybe this is this ‘second childishness”, to be followed by “mere oblivion”)

I’m a retired computer programmer/software engineer who in the past hasn’t done too much with the web except surf it.  Now I’ll use it to organize my thoughts, have my say, and exchange views.

If anybody wants to comment:  be respectful.  If provoked, feel free to say “you’re an ass!”, but never “you’re an a__hole!”  In the latter case I’ll use the Delete key, which I control.


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