On the recent massacre of Christians in Baghdad

“May we now speak of the Muslims who want to kill us?”, asks Fr. Raymond De Souza, concerning the butchery of a priest and his congregation in a Baghdad church.

“By now the killing of Christians by jihadists has become a regular feature of the landscape in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. Yet a massacre in a church, during the Holy Mass, surely would provoke a thunderous reaction?”

Well, not exactly…

The American State Department had no statement at all.

In the Church too, there is often a reluctance to support vigourously Christians under attack, and to call things by name.

He quotes a bishop in Dallas (Kevin Farrell) blaming not the perpetrators, but their (American) co-religionists:  “The level of incivility in our national dialogue has reached a crescendo,” Farrell wrote.

Of course to a certain mindset, now common in our midst, that’s just the natural way to look at it.

Fr. De Souza’a article is here.  (I linked to it from the First Things blog site).



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