Symbols don’t just happen

Symbols don’t just develop.  Every word that we use in our language, that is now part of our language, was not lying around somewhere but was created by somebody—even terms like”quantity” and “quality.”   We ask: who invented quantity and quality?   Cicero.  There wasn’t any quantity or quality before him.  Every such instrument of thought—even such elementary things—has been created, as far as the intellectual and spiritual origin is concerned, by certain people on certain occasions of experiences;  and we usually are in possession of the early document.

As I said, the term “theology” begins in the Republic of Plato—that is an early example.

In an earlier post I referred to Eric Voegelin.  The above is from a website excerpting “pungent observations” from his voluminous writings– see “On the Origin of Symbols” here.


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