In Copenhagen

I followed a link from the PowerLine blog to an article by Roger L. Simon, a self-described “Hollywood apostate”, who had an “ah hah!” moment in Copenhagen:

On the last day of COP 15, staring at a Jumbotron where Hugo Chavez was addressing the conference, something was nagging at me besides the obvious (that half the audience was enthusiastically applauding a maniac). I was trying to figure out what it was about the conference that so perplexed and disturbed. And then, before the Caudillo had concluded his tedious remarks and long before the “meaningful deal” between the world leaders was announced, I realized what it was. We had returned to the Middle Ages.

A high tech Middle Ages, of course, but still the Middle Ages. Forget the Renaissance, forget the Enlightenment, forget Spinoza, Locke, Galileo and everybody else, we had returned to our roots as gullible and idiotic human beings, as willing to believe in the primacy of anthropogenic global warming as we would in the sighting of the Madonna at a river crossing twelve kilometers south of Sienna in 1340.

I think the man is on to something– I’ve kind of had the same feeling.  And Catholics are supposed to like apparitions of the Madonna, aren’t we?  But some visions I can’t believe; though I hate to disagree with friends who do.

Here is Simon’s piece, if you want to read the whole thing. His rather short “interview” with Congressman Rangel is a nice touch.

Further considerations (Dec. 19th):  It’s easy to look down on the Middle Ages as Roger Simon does (and I was going along with him).  But actually, the church (even then) would say that such matters as apparitions of the Virgin were just private revelations– you could be a good Catholic without accepting them.  But now:  can you be a good modern citizen if you doubt that global warming (to the extent it has occurred) is primarily man-made?  In the view of the mainstream media and most world “leaders”, the answer seems to be NO.


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