Only 14 days?

According to Britain’s Guardian, they’re joining 55 of their cohorts in an effort to save us from ourselves.  The headline:   “Copenhagen Climate Change Conference:  ‘Fourteen days to seal history’s judgment on this generation’ “.  The subheader:   “This editorial calling for action from world leaders on climate change is published today by 56 newspapers around the world in 20 languages”

But don’t read anything from this, it might turn you into a denier!  And then the great newspaper effort might be in vain, and the world would not get saved.


3 Responses to “Only 14 days?”

  1. cantueso Says:


    Your “search” in the sidebar, at the top, does not work and does not show me where there is more Heine on this blog.

    By the way, I am Swiss, learnt English the hard way, can’t take it that there is so little Heine in English, and so I translated some Heine in prose, and if I can find it, I will let you know.

  2. cantueso Says:


    I tried again and the search worked the second time.

    • pjoenotes Says:

      I’m glad you found the Heine link.
      Last year I got a volume, “Songs of Love and Grief”, a dual-language book of Heine’s poetry. (My German is far from perfect, so I appreciate those dual-language editions). It was published in 1995, in a series “European Poetry Classics”, by Northwestern University Press (ISBN0-8101-1324-4). I’m very glad to meet another fan of Heine, whose poetry I much admire.

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