“One Ring to Rule Them All”

The over-the-top quote in my preceding post just might have seemed to  imply that the Irish game of hurling is a crude affair.  But not so– at least when played by a master like Christy Ring, widely considered the greatest hurler of all times.  The GAA book of quotations gives him a full chapter–  “Christy:  One Ring to Rule Them All”:

When I know all about it, then I’ll have to give it up. [ Christy, as quoted by Brendan Fullam in Hurling Giants (1994)]

‘The funny thing about Christy Ring is that the older he got, the better he got.  He was better in his latter years than when he started’.  [John Doyle, quoted by Colm Keane in A Cut Above the Rest(1999)]

One legend is that he honed his accuracy by shooting a ball from 20 yards at the bell button on the parish priest’s door.  Another is that he used to lob a ball into a bucket hanging from a tree 30 or 40 yards away. [Denis Walsh (29 Feb. 2004) ]

‘Sure I didn’t see Jesus Christ either and everyone knows that he was the greatest!’ [Dr. Jim Young, Cork hurler, when asked how he knew that Ring was the greatest when he had never seen him play]

And I guess that last quote would fit my situation too!

There is a statue of Christy Ring in Cloyne, County Cork.


One Response to ““One Ring to Rule Them All””

  1. Ed Says:

    I used to think that bronze statues were only made of powerful rulers, warriors and ancient poets, but now I’ve come to learn since that great athletes (like Christy Ring) are also venerated by being molded in bronze. Other examples are a bronze statue of a famous bull fighter (Nimes), and then there is a bronze of the runner Frank Shorter (Boulder). I’m sure that elsewhere there must be bronzes of famous American football, baseball, and basketball players. And in Russia, chess players?

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