An Irish Hurling Coach’s Pep Talk

Moving right along with more material from “God and the Referees:  Unforgettable GAA Quotations” — these are supposed to be the words of one Jon Kenny, encouraging his hurlers before a big match.  A Kenny, true, but maybe (let us hope!) no relation of ours:

“Think of your fathers, think of your grandfathers, think of the men that died lads.  Jaysus, lads, the men that died so that you could get out there with a small ball to puck around.  So get out there lads, and let every blow lead to a feckin’ funeral.  Don’t be afraid to break hurleys lads — there’s plenty of hurleys on the sideline– hit ’em hard, they’re no relation.  I don’t want to see ye coming back in here with dirty jerseys, I want to see ye with bloodstained jerseys, so get out now boys… and enjoy yerselves.”

They do say that hurling can be a rather physical sport…

In a later posting  I’ll talk a bit about the history of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which has had such a great impact on modern Ireland.  Most of it good (despite some excesses).



One Response to “An Irish Hurling Coach’s Pep Talk”

  1. Ed Says:

    That’s hilarious, in a dark Irish way, particularly
    “hit ‘em hard, they’re no relation!”

    To refresh my memory about what hurling is, I checked out

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