Football in County Leitrim

From God and the Referees:  Unforgettable GAA Quotations, by Eoghan Corry:

“Three teams terrified the life out of us.  I still remember them, Aughnasheelin, Aughawilliam and Aughvass.  Aughawilliam and Aughvass would come down to play the Ballinamore lads, and strike terror into what was mostly a team of soft college boys.  They would stare you down before even a ball was thrown in, and try to disable you with the first move of the match.  We usually considered ourselves faster and fitter than them, but we weren’t tougher than them.”

Gus Martin Irish Press (15 August 1994)

I was born in Aughavas — was glad to see my native parish mentioned, even if it was mis-spelled (as was Aughawillan).  I remember, from when I was very small, watching an Irish football match.  We all cheered for Aughavas’s star player “Red” (Michael) Moran, my dad’s cousin.

And of course another relative, Colm O’Rourke, became a star player for County Meath at a later date, and then a noted sports commentator.  He will be quoted in a later posting…



2 Responses to “Football in County Leitrim”

  1. Maeve Says:

    So, I told you that Colm O’Rourke was one of Seamus’ least favorite teachers–primarily because he was gone playing football the majority of the time.

    However, Gus Martin was one of my favorites! He headed up the master’s in Anglo-Irish literature and drama when I was there. He was an excellent lecturer–and even more popular when he treated the master’s students to a drink or two. Seamus can do a great impression of his at a bar. And I remember Gus telling our fellow classmates, who were visiting Japanese professors, who much he loved Japan because, as a professor, he was waited on hand and foot! Quite a character.

  2. pat nemo Says:

    Peter and Maeve,
    Well, Colm O’Rourke was a VERY nice little boy the last time I saw him. I had heard he was going to go into politics but I guess it did not happen. I knew he had a sports store in Navan and was an All-Ireland football player, I think.

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