Dancing in Philly (revised)

Just for a more cheerful note in my Philadelphia postings:  there was an Irish festival, on the riverfront, which we attended Sunday evening.

I had included a nice picture of young ladies, from some school of Irish traditional dance,  performing on the stage.  But now I’ve decided, reluctantly, to remove that picture:  I didn’t of course get any releases to use the image, and ethically I shouldn’t broadcast it.  (Not that a million people are likely to see it on this wildly popular website!).   So, goodbye to a very nice photo…

I’ll just recall a few lines from an old song:
Oh the days of the Kerry dancing,
Oh the ring of the piper’s tune;
Oh for one of those hours of gladness,
Gone, alas! like our youth too soon.

We sat beside a family (a couple with their grown son) who wore green “Fishtown” tshirts.  When I asked, they told me that was their neighborhood, not far from where we were sitting.  Fishtown must inspire a lot of local pride:  the shirts had printed on the back:

Irish by Heritage,
Catholic by Choice,
Fishtown by the Grace of God


2 Responses to “Dancing in Philly (revised)”

  1. Ed Says:

    Peter, I think you are allowed to post a smaller version (thumbnail or up to maybe 200 x 200) of a picture like that. Next time, email me the picture, and I’ll send back a smaller version for you to post. (And I’ll destroy the original.)

  2. cantueso Says:

    Yes, you are allowed to use a little picture of the picture, though the legislation on this problem is still not complete. The idea is to have a picture equivalent of a short quote, since you can’t be expected to give a good description of a picture.

    As to the poetry I took from here, were you able to find it? I put it on a post called “What is Money” at http://espliego.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/what-is-money/ and right now that post is not in demand.

    If there is yet another dollar dumping problem, it will come back up and otherwise I will send it up. I don’t know whether you have noticed that WordPress has a new stats feature to include visits to the “home page” in the top posts list.

    However, this novelty is still full of spooks.

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