A hot(?) subject

Switching from family & poetry for a while:

Roger Pielke Jr. directss the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, and maintains the Prometheus blog.  Dr. Pielke could be described as a “moderate” supporter of the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) world view.  But he often seems to be embarrassed by the more extreme people on that issue; it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them don’t consider him a “denier”.

A recent case in point:  last week he referred to “a new report issued by the Global Humanitarian Forum which makes the absurd claim that 315,000 deaths a year can be attributed to the effects of rising greenhouse gas concentrations”.  Pielke titles his comments “A Methodological Embarrassment”; and one might say he does his best to embarrass Kofi Annan and his partners in this enterprise.  But it seems unlikely that they (or their media publicizers) are capable of embarrassment.  Pielke has further posts on this.  Anyway, I like his blog.


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