For John Kenny

My brother was called Sean as a child in Ireland; he was 10 (the oldest of 4) when we emigrated to the US.  Then he became “John”, which was his baptismal name anyway.

John Patrick Kenny would have been 71 this March 24th, but died of a brain tumor in August 2004.

A poem for my brother, from the time of the funeral:

For John Kenny

Now we’re all here, John, gathered for a while.
Today we mourn, remember, pray for you.
And if you watch, I’d like to think you smile
and say, “Well, let them do what people do –

“I’ve passed beyond that now.  But it’s all right.”
John, we loved you, and your love you gave!
We tried to cheer you in that losing fight,
now ended.  But your memory we’ll save,

keeping you close until that final day
when – we may hope – all tears are wiped away.

John,  “Ave atque vale”.  Rest in peace.


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