First Post

My first blog!  A belated endeavor for one who worked many years in the computer software field.

Where to go with this?  Some aims:

1.  Expressing my views on issues of the day, and  (I hope) get feedback from friends & family, and even at times  from web-surfing strangers.  So if  (for example) the Washington Post does not deign to publish my brilliant(?) commentary,I can still get it off my chest!   I’ll try not to rant and rave too much; maybe even be positive, looking for the wheat among the chaff.

2.  A forum for family history & anecdotes– and here I’ll count on the family to contribute.

3.  Sharing some pictures which might be of interest.  Like this one, of a Cooper’s hawk perched on our back-yard bird feeder platform, thinking to herself:  Where are those darn birds?  I’m hungry!

Photo by Lynn Kenny

Photo by Lynn Kenny


4 Responses to “First Post”

  1. John Nemo Says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Uncle Peter! Looking forward to keeping up with your musings online! Go get ’em!

  2. PJK Says:

    Thanks– you have the distinction of providing the 1st comment! — was beginning to feel lonely. And I just noticed that I have to APPROVE comments for them to appear– what vast power I have.
    Now to figure out why the new “categories” I defined have not appeared…

  3. Minette Says:

    Hello Peter,

    Brian just told me that you have a blog so I stopped by to check it out. I’m looking forward to reading your various rants and raves and to seeing more of Lynn’s beautiful photographs. After your visit a few years ago, I was bitten by the birding bug…and now I’m obsessed! Looking forward to seeing you next month too! xox–M

  4. pjoenotes Says:

    Hi Minette,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m still getting the hang of this, hope to improve the machinery… For instance, I should not have to approve each comment before it appears (just DELETE if I don’t like it when it does!). I’ll get Lynn to post more pictures– though she may want her OWN blog, thus not having to be associated with my “rants and raves”. Well, I guess I’ll have to start ranting and raving, have been pretty low-key so far.

    Peter (aka “PJoe”)

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